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Our Programs

In collaboration with our partners across Canada, the BPL offers facilitated programs, workshops and seminars that support students and enrich our students' knowledge in three key areas:


Professional Educational Support:

Through our network of faculty strategic advisors across Canada, BPL matches Black law students to faculty mentors who offer culturally-sensitive learning support to ensure students excel in their core educational courses and programs at UVic Law. 


Mentorship and Connections:

Drawing on the support of the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (CABL) in BC and other members of the BC Bar, the BPL will match Black law students to Black legal mentors who will provide one-on-one support to students throughout their legal education at UVic. 


Life and Business Skills:

The BPL provides assistance with job applications, strategies for succeeding in and beyond law school, training in business development and financial management, and mental wellness. This is done with the support of UVic collaborators (including the Faculty of Business and UVic’s mental health program, UVic Bounce), through periodic seminars and workshops led by invited speakers. 

We make it easier...

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